Actors and Singers
[6] Ashley Tisdale
[3] Vanessa and Ashley
[2] Vanessa Hudgens
[2] Zac Efron
[5] Rachel Bilson
[1] Victoria Beckham
[9] Christina Aguilera
[6] Ashley Olsen

[6] Fernando Torres
[2] Bastian Schweinsteiger
[8] Lukas Podolski
[4] Philipp Lahm

[7] animated Icons
[6] Bahar Kizil
[6] Senna Gammour
[22] Mandy Capristo

Liverpool, Vanessa and Zac, Christina Aguilera, Nicole Scherzinger, Hayden Panettiere, Mischa Barton, Bahar Kizil, Mandy Capristo, Senna Gammour, Monrose

Fernando Torres, Ashley Tisdale, Mandy Capristo, Bahar Kizil, Monrose


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Felt like writing this down here .I hope everybody enjoys!
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 Summary : Ballack centered ficlet.Takes place during the World Cup.
                      A short time for the captain , one that will always remain a piece of Bayern and for whom Bayern will always be a piece of,just like the National Team.About what a Team Captain really means.
Disclaimer : First you have to be sued if you think this is real. Second , Michael Ballack is not mine,he s his own person.I cannot read his mind , but I sure do hope he thinks like this from tiem to time.Third , I only have 10Euro in my pocket so don t sue.
Sidenotes : Written sometime around half past midnight , while listening to "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

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В наших правилах произошло маленькое изменение. Теперь сообщество закрытое и все посты нужно делать только для друзей. Халява закончилась (что конечно не касается зарегестрированных мемберов). А так все как прежде))

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Отныне всем прохожим будет видел только затылок тимчифа:D


Title:At least their Certified.
RatingFor stupidity- PG13. It's also a AU fic.
Warnings:Extreme Cracked bad humor and references to Arson (fireraising) + Drug abuse.
Summary:Joachim is a landlord recently released from Jail for GBH charges. He's trying to re-build his life but finds his tenants are going to make that some what of a challenge. Not to mention is cracked up Gigolo Cousin who's decided to bug him now to.
Disclaimer:I don't know any of these people.
Chapter summary: After finding out what the Lehmann's do, Joachim runs off to inform the couple who work for the police in the apartment block - the klose's. He also meets the feared infamous residents of 3E - The Frings's.


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