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16 May 2007 @ 10:11
Felt like writing this down here .I hope everybody enjoys!
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 Summary : Ballack centered ficlet.Takes place during the World Cup.
                      A short time for the captain , one that will always remain a piece of Bayern and for whom Bayern will always be a piece of,just like the National Team.About what a Team Captain really means.
Disclaimer : First you have to be sued if you think this is real. Second , Michael Ballack is not mine,he s his own person.I cannot read his mind , but I sure do hope he thinks like this from tiem to time.Third , I only have 10Euro in my pocket so don t sue.
Sidenotes : Written sometime around half past midnight , while listening to "Wonderwall" by Oasis.

        He entered on the field wrapped in the screams and applauses of the whole stadium.
Sometimes, he had the impression that all these people helped the stadium come to life , like some kind of spell a Magician cast , to wake up the giant of stone from its sleep.In these moments , their screams became one single howl of victory and encouragement.
"Ballack!Ballack!" They sang to the wind , the sun and the rain .
And the wind swirled the ball into his direction , the sun blocked the eyes of his opponents and the rain helped him slide his way to a goal or a passage towards a victorious teammate.
  His arms spreaded like a father welcoming his child , to the tribunes and to a twin of his T-shirt , who welcomed his embrace tightly , cuddling violently in his arms , screaming with joy.He knew these kids,they grew up with him, even if now they were an ocean aparrt , he thought about them oftenly, and every memory brought up smiles or bittersweet gestures towards tangible pieces of memory he had at home.
   But when he could no longer hear the stadium  screaming , but crying out to him , his tears were bitter when he got his head up from the ground.Not because of the numbers on the score board , but because of the young man on who s shoulder he put his hand on , to comfort, and because of the ones  he now turned to , clapping his hands as hard as he could.Because he wanted to give them joy.
   He got his teammates by the hands , tightly,with his eyes to the gallery with tears in their eyes , but who was applauding , making noise.
   He loved his family , his friends.
But he gave his all to the men and the kids he tightly held their hands right now.
He gave his all to the Magicians in black,yellow and red that could spell the stadium to come to life.
  He was there to give joy, to comfort , to wipe tears away , to give hope , to teach or to save.
Because it was more than many with that armband did or thought.That armband demanded all that , all of it , and his heart was more than happy to give it all.
    Spielfuhrer .
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countess13countess13 on 17th May 2007 07:13 (UTC)
woow!! I loved it!
"his heart was more than happy to give it all"
I'm going to sleep happy after reading this!
thanks 4 sharing!!!
urbannoise on 17th May 2007 16:24 (UTC)
You welcome, I m totally happy when people go to sleep happy ( or thinking) after reading my fics so that s all the Thanks I need. Glad you enjoyed it!

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